Авантуристички туризам на повисоко ниво: Прекугранично возење велосипеди во Општина Маврово и Дибра

The Project: Cross-border biking: Next level adventure tourism in Mavrovo-Rostuse & Dibër

Financed by: The European Union represented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of North Macedonia

CRIS Programme number and action title: Cross-border Programme Republicof North Macedonia – Republic of Albania under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) allocations for 2016 & 2017

The project is implemented by:

·Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF)

·Association for Active Tourism Explorer 2018 Ohrid

·Keshilli i Qarkut Diber (Diber Regional Council)

·Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe 

Target group and beneficiaries:

  • All kinds of tourism service providers in both countries;
  • Domestic and foreign tourist engaged in adventure activities in the Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border region;
  • Local people with their facilities like accommodation, restaurants, souvenir shops, supermarkets and small stores, info points and stores with home products from Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border region;
  • Local Businesses;

Project duration: 30 months (1st January 2020 – 30 June 2022)

Budget: 677,729.00 €; EU contribution: 576,069.00 € (85%); EU contribution percentage: 85%

Overall Objective:

To further develop the economic sector of adventure tourism in Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border by creation of new active products and increasing the numbers of domestic and foreign visitors.

Specific Objectives: 

SO1. To increase the number of jobs for the inhabitants of Mavrovo-Rostuse and Diber region through improved touristic services / products;

SO2. To create business opportunities for service providers and tourism operators from both countries;

SO3. To promote Mavrovo-Rostuse and Dibër cross border region as one adventure destination for active tourism.

Expected project results:

  • Improved economic opportunities through job creation for the inhabitants of Mavrovo-Rostuse & Dibër;
  • Improved infrastructure for adventure tourism development in the    Mavrovo-Rostuse & Dibër project area;
  • Improved business opportunities in local tourism;
  • Improved promotion of Mavrovo-Rostuse & Dibër cross-border region as ONE adventure tourism destination

Summary of project activities:

A1.1 Training of 12 mountain bike guides/trail builders 

A1.2 Training of 6 future guide / trail building trainers (train the trainers)          

A1.3 Training of 4 qualified visitor centre staff

A1.4 Exchange visit between the visitors’ centres’ staff

A1.5 Training of guest house/accommodation providers     

A2.1 Creation of 40km of natural mountain bike trails; Prepare digital maps of the trails and investment in the bike trails (construction work, sign and marking)

A2.2 Installation of signposting and info-boards

A2.3 Creation of 2x multifunctional visitor centres (info/rental/services) – investment and refurbishment                   

A3.1 Production of variety of digital & printed promotional products for the region

(maps, digital brochure, video spots, documentary)      

A3.2 Promotion of the region at 2 international and 3national fairs   

A3.3 Promotion of the region through media invitation trips

A3.4 Promotion through social and official media (facebook, YouTube, SPIS,

A3.5 Closing Conference

Project achievements:

Outputs linked to Activity 1:

  • Minimum 12 local guides (11 men and 1 woman), and
  • About 100 operators (agro-producers, hotel owners, taxi – 60 women and 40 men)

Increase knowledge through active participation to training and capacity building for sustainable tourist product development.

Outputs linked to Activity 2:

  • 40 kilometer of new or rehabilitated bike trails;
  • 120 sign postings and 40 info boards will be installed
  • Refurbishment of 2 multi-visitor centres

Outputs linked to Activity 3:

  • Number of mountain lodges is increased with minimum 25 guest house owners, or local touristic suppliers
  • 2 touristic maps are introduced (as a region and as a product)
  • 5 fairs visited (3 national and 2 international)

Outputs linked to Activity 4:

60% of local population participate in the information and visibility action of the project and are aware of tourism potential of the region

Official project accounts and IPA CBC Programme North Macedonia-Albania website:


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